Utah State Chamber Awards 2017

The following categories and criteria were used to determine this year’s award winners at the 2017 Utah State Chamber Summer Conference.

Best Website: Box Elder Chamber of Commerce 

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Bring a color copy of your home page with URL written on an attached piece of paper. Attendees will see the visual of your home page and be encouraged to review your websites during the day.

Best Social Media Presence: Cedar City Chamber of Commerce

Connect with Cedar City’s Social Media Accounts Here

Best Presence Online -Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- bring a color copy of any relevant materials (your FB home page for example) and/or a one paragraph description of what sets your chamber’s social media strategy apart.

Best Weekly Communication Newsletter: South Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce

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Bring a color copy of your regular communication to your members (email, printed and sent via mail, etc).

Best Member Benefit: Cedar City Chamber of Commerce

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What feature of membership provides the “best bang for the buck” for your members? What feature do they take advantage of that makes selling and renewing memberships easier.

Best Marketing Program: Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce

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How do you market your Chamber? Provide color printouts of appropriate material and/or a one paragraph description on how you market your chamber, if not through produced material (referral bonuses, partnerships with other associations, etc).

Best Community Partnership: Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce

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Provide a 1-2 paragraph description on a partnership that your chamber has established with another chamber, city government, or association.

Best Engagement Practice: Vernal Area Chamber of Commerce

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How do you keep members engaged? Provide an example of an effective tool you use to keep your members engaged and active in your chamber (1-2 paragraphs).